Katart-e Art & Technology Lab has been active in the field of art and culture since 2010, providing and developing services related to art and technology, organization and communication of cultural events, as well as curatorial and theoretical documentation of exhibitions and art books/ exhibitions catalogue publications. Our main objective is the use and diffusion of new technologies and their implementation in art and culture. More specifically, cutting edge artistic events along with innovative cultural and educational practices constitute the principal focus of Katart-e.

Among other projects, we have co-curated “Action Field Kodra” international visual arts festival (2011-2013), whereas since 2014 Katart-e is entirely responsible for the artistic direction of the festival. Also, Katart-e has organized the Contemporary Art Festival Antallaxima (2015) and the art festival Oasis in Aoasei (‘Οασις Εν Αοάσει, 2011). Finally, Katart-e has built many websites and logos for individuals and organizations and has provided graphic design and communication services.

katArt-e Art & Technology Lab has the ability to conduct research both at an administrative, organizational and technical level

Our company has been involved at the artistic direction of the international visual arts festival “Action Field Kodra” since 2011, while since 2013 apart from the artistic direction we have undertaken, in collaboration with the Municipality of Kalamria, the management of the N.S.R.F funding of the festival. katArt-e Art & Technology Lab has met this challenge and was successful in organizing the festival, not only from an artistic point of view but also from an administrational one.

Research in art technology and digital technologies

At a technical level, our Lab, apart from the know-how acquired by managing various projects, can cover through our partners and collaborators, other technical matters.

Since 2011, we have been collaborating with the company Minotaur Digital Arts (MDA) in order to expand our scope and research in IT systems and multimedia applications or productions.

The first pilot Project of this collaboration is Virtual Kodra, which later morphed in a very important project for the Art & Technology World, namely Cyber Art Space.


Facilities Adequacy

katArt-e Art & Technology Lab has got two office spaces, in Megara and Thessaloniki, which include infrastructure consisting of working stations, PC and laptops, software and server-based network. More specifically, our offices in Thessaloniki are designed and equipped so that five employees can work simultaneously, while there is a network based on structured cabling.

 Previous experience in managing and completing research projects

In the past, we have completed two projects of visual exhibitions, as part of our research, which included scientific documentation, technical and technological support. The first was Virtual Kodra, and was the visual-digital continuation of the main exhibition of the visual arts festival Action Field Kodra ιν 2011 and the second is Cyber Art Space (www.cyberartspace.net), which is an a first on an international level, virtual exhibition consisting of virtual art works, within the framework of Action Field Kodra. Our company has cooperated successfully with other companies in order to plan and implement this project.

Experience in developing and distribution of innovative products

katArt-e Art & Technology Lab submitted an application for funding for the developing of an innovative product, namely a web based application related to websites. This proposal was chosen among hundreds of others. Since then, we have developed the largest part of the application, that is a considerable amount of coding, within the time schedule. The distribution plan has already been drafted and the final product is expected to be launched in the end of 2016.