Cyber Art Space 2012


Cyber Art Space 


Victor Cartagena, Bang! Bang! Toy Gun

Cyber Art Space (, an innovative cybernetic exhibition, which will host the work of international artists. It is an independent experimental project of this year's Action Field Kodra, focusing on an artistic research and investigation. Cyber Art Space approaches cyberspace as a real dimension and not as a virtual one (virtual reality). The concept was inspired from the atom’s microcosmos, where physics identifies it as a universe (real space) with all the fundamental forces, same as in our real world. These fundamental forces include electromagnetism, strong interaction, weak interaction and gravitation, where gravitation is not measurable or non-existent.

Gregory Sholette, iDrone, 1.50x0.80 units

Cyberspace, seems to have a lot in common with it.

Project's Artistic  Director:  Dimitris  Michalaros, visual Artist/ co-Curator of Action Field Kodra

Curators:  Dimitris  Michalaros,  Babis  Venetopoulos,  visual  artist  and  lecturer of the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of Aristotle University Thessaloniki. 

Orestis Lazos, Sentry box