Cyber Art Space (CAS) is an international experimental cybernetic exhibition of contemporary art, which will take place completely on the Web. This is a pioneering art project which approaches cyberspace as a real dimension and not as a virtual one.

The concept of this project was inspired from the atom’s microcosmos, where physics identifies it as a universe (real space) with all the fundamental forces, the same as in our real world. These fundamental forces include electromagnetism, strong interaction, weak interaction and gravitation. 

Atom’s microcosmos in Physics are considered as a universe (space), where gravitation is not measurable and/or non-existent.
Cyberspace is the terrain, which was either created or discovered by humans, existing within a network of online systems, in order to assist their communication.

Throughout the years, this terrain transmitted into a new dimension (universe), where people are not only able to communicate, but to navigate too. Today, cyberspace contains objects (mails, files, graphics, etc.) with different modes of transportation, communication, delivery, etc.

CAS approaches cyberspace as a real space, identical to the atom’s microcosmos, with all the fundamental forces included; except gravitation, which is not measurable or does not exist at all.

Artists from all areas of Art (independently or in collaboration with curators) are invited to create an artwork in Digital Format for one of the determined spaces, which are available on the website of Cyber Art Space:

There are 12 different available types of cyber-rooms for the artists to choose. Each cyber-room comes with three possible lighting configurations. All cyber-rooms of the chosen proposals will be structured into one 3 dimensional architectural grid.

The visitors will be able to navigate within the space through their browsers, then click and access the cyber-rooms in order to see the artworks.

The artists need to submit their digital proposals by July 31st, 2012.
The submissions will be reviewed by the curators of CAS within the first days of August 2012.

The selected artists will be notified by email.

All artworks need to be submitted in 3D digital format. The selected artists/ groups will be advised by the organizers, for the process they will need to follow, in order to send their artworks. The selected artists/ groups will work closely with our programmers and curators. They will be responsible to send their final artworks in a 3D digital format, after they will be asked (no more than three days after the final selection).

Artists should visit our website to find more about the open call (including a video introduction) and the online procedure of submission, at:

The Exhibition opens on September 7th, 2012.

You will be able to find related texts in the blog area, which will be frequently updated. 

CAS's spoken language is English.

Feel free to contact us at:

Find more for CAS at:


THE CYBER ART SPACE TEAM (alphabetically)

Dimitris Michalaros

Artistic Director

Dimitris Michalaros, Babis Venetopoulos


Panagiotis Chatzitsakyris, Stelina Tsifti

Curators’ consultants

George Pago Pagozidis


Eleni Sapountzi


Julijana Nicha

Social Media

Nikos Arvanitis, Christophoros Michalaros, Giorgos Venetopoulos

Web developers/ web programmers

Evangelia Fahantidou

Programmers & 3D graphics designers student assistant

Tania Minogianni

Action Field Kodra Communication office

.27 Architects (

3D Architectural Design

Katart-e (

Project management/ Coordination/ Website

Minotaur Digital Arts (

Programming/ 3D Development

Pago (


Cyber Art Space is a part of:

Action Field Kodra (

Visual Art Festival

which is implemented under the Operational Programme for Macedonia-Thrace 2007-2013 and is co-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).

Maria Kenanidou, Dimitris Michalaros, Theophilos Tramboulis

co- Curators of Action Field Kodra

Under the aegis of:

Municipality of Kalamaria